Sunday, November 18, 2012


The group of ladies that I play bunco with are so much fun, I hear little snippets of their lives, there is no angry ugly talk, just smiles and laughs.  I think last night was a success.  Usually we share with the meal, the host has a meal plan and asks for items to be brought to share.  I thought it would be nice if they could just show up and have a good time, so picked breakfast for the meal, easy right.  My mechanic was awesome, he helped with all the preparation, ie cleaning, sewing and baking.  Then made sure the coffee was flowing, and prepared loco moco.  If you have never had loco moco it is a Hawaiian breakfast that will stick to the ribs.  Rice, hamburger patty, egg with gravy poured over it.  I thought his loco moco was better than any I had ever ate before, even though the rice was dry and the gravy was runny it was very good.  The non money winners got to take home one of the fabric leaves. Next month will be a white elephant exchange, oh what another fun night we will have.

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  1. Sounds like a great time! I'd sure try some of that loco moco! YUM!