Thursday, October 18, 2012

snow and winter wood

  The snow showed up a couple of days ago, not sure if it is here to stay for the winter, did get up to34 today, sure was a beautiful day out.   Took the dogs on a nice walk, haven't been able to do that for awhile.  Today was Alaska day so no workie for me.
The mechanic brought home a wood splitter, so that made fast work of the logs we had piled up.  So we are ready for winter,  with lots of warm winter fires, this pile is for the garage.  Looks like the mechanic will have plenty of time to have a nice fire going in the garage to work on projects, which he has lots of.
This pile is for the fire ring out side, and the right side is for the house wood stove.  I am not a wood recognition expert, but some wood is no good for the wood stove, hence the fire ring pile, some wood is better for the house fire, and some is ok for the garage so another pile.  The mechanic throws it into 3 piles and I stack it in the proper place.  We sort of ran out of room for wood by the house so there is also a nice stack out in the shed.  I think we touch the wood about 7 times before it gets burned in the stove.  First he cuts a log, it is put it the sled drag it home, put it in a pile, then is get cut into a stove size piece, put in the wood splitter, then in a wagon to the pile and then into the house box, then into a wood carrier into the house finally in the stove.  I've hear that when you cut wood you get warmed twice, well I think we get warmed a lot more than that.  I feel so blessed all around, living somewhere where we can get wood, healthy enough to be able to get the wood and a nice wood stove to burn the wood in.

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  1. WE love wood heat too. Those wood splitters are the best thing ever! Sure saves lots of time.

    No snow here yet. Drizzly, cloudy and about 50* though.