Sunday, February 19, 2012

little road trip

                                                            Matanuska Glacier

                                                                    Long Lake

There is a new project in the garage, found on craigslist, and some more stuff to go with the project was also found on craiglist, but this part was up in Tok, 500 miles away from home.  So after work we drove north, spend the night in Anchorage, drove the rest of the way next day, got some dinner, hotel room, watched a movie, spent the night.  Then the plan was to get breakfast at 7am when the cafe opened and hit the road, well it is official, we have turned into old people, because at 4 am we couldn't sleep any more, so got ready to leave stopped at the gas station for coffee and hit the road at 5am.  Which was nice because the drive didn't take up the whole day, took turns sleeping and got the Anchorage about noon, got to visit with daughter and grandbaby for a few hours before the rest of the drive home.  Some one at worked asked me if I went to Anchorage for my days off, No I said drove to Tok, they were suprised, because it's not a weekend destination.  I enjoyed the whole trip as you can see it was a beautiful sunny drive there.


  1. Trip to Tok looks wonderful. Your not officially old yet because you don't have to stop every hundred miles to pee. What kind of flower would I be? Nightshade, or Ragweed? Dad

  2. Use to camp at Long Lake when I was a kid..
    Beautiful trip and baby too :)