Saturday, September 3, 2011


About a month ago I was just looking on line to see if there was a class I wanted to take at the local college,  the ones I was interested in look full, so searched some of the other colleges in the state.  Well apparently I signed up for a class because I got a bill in the mail for a class with the Juneau campus.  Class has started so I hurried up and ordered the text book.  First assignment due tomorrow. 

Took the few frames of honey out of the hives, doesn't look like much honey, but I guess that's better than none like last year.  Still lots of bee's in the hive, there were lots flying when we took the frames, I dream about bee's that night.  Now I need to figure out how to get the honey out of the frames.  Got 2 zip lock sandwich sized bags of rhubarb, there is a few carrot and some lettuce still in the garden, I ate all the peas about a hand full.  I know it doesn't sound like much but for a non-garden person it was nice to get some results.  Next year the other raised box will be able to plant in, (lesson learned don't use to much fresh horse manure).  There is enough stuff to make one more raised bed, so hopefully we can get that built and filled with dirt this year and ready to plant next. 

Out side of the kitchen window was a mound of dirt that was ugly and I have been wanting to move it.  So started in with the wheel barrow and moving to another location that needed dirt.  The tractor does a much better job of moving dirt that a shovel and wheel barrow, so most of that dirt is moved, going to rake it flat and plant some grass seed, a nice new view out the kitchen window.  Not that I like hanging out at the kitchen sink anyway. 

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