Saturday, December 18, 2010

my weekend

Went to ANC on my weekend, daughter has bought a new house, I was going to help move but they have already got most of there thing moved. I helped pick out some curtains and going to size them for the windows next days off. Did a little Christmas shopping got the mechanics mom a NOOK, that thing is so cool, and she will now be able to read books again. I have the NOOK to set it up and download books on it. I'll give it to her next week. She usually wants nothing for Christmas but this year found something she can use.

This picture is on the drive home it was so beautiful out, the pictures just don't look as good as the real thing. I pulled over on the road to get this shot, it's right after the pass and just before some lakes. I was a little tired after my drive no more than usual, but a little nap seemed in order because there was a hockey game to play at 9p. So I layed down for a nap, woke up at 915p went back to sleep called in sick for work the next morning and got out of bed at 3p. I can't think of a time when I have done that there must have been a little flu bug also. Working on a quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas, but that longarm machine is kicking my butt, I spend more time riping out stitches than sewing them in.


  1. You must have needed the rest Pam.
    Where did your daughter buy a house at?

  2. her house is by Lk Otis and 68th